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Borrow & Lend Against NFTs

Collateralize Solana NFTs to get liquidity in USDC & SOL.
Set all loan terms yourself. No price impacted liquidations.
Repay on time and the NFT never leaves your wallet.
Blue Chips, 1/1 Art, Real-World Assets.


How It Works

Unloc is the most customizable NFT-collateralized loan platform on Solana. We allow NFT Owners to borrow cryptocurrencies against their NFTs.


  • 1

    Collateralize Your NFT

    Unloc is escrowless, so the NFT never leaves your wallet unless you default on your Loan.

  • 2

    Customize Your Loan Terms

    Choose your own loan amount, duration, currency and the interest you’re happy to repay.

  • 3

    Set Multiple Sub-Offers

    Create up to 3 sub-offers per NFT to attract different types of Lenders and match with them faster.

Learn about Borrowing


  • 1

    Explore Active Offers

    Choose which NFT you want to Lend against - according to your preferred risk profile.

  • 2

    Lend Liquidity to a Borrower

    Connect your preferred wallet and press Lend.

  • 3

    Earn Token Rewards + Interest

    Track your Loan status in “My Loans” page.

Learn about Lending

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